The Natural Way is a family run business trading in Letterkenny, Donegal since 1984.

The Natural Way is a Health Food Store providing quality herbal and natural products.

David Foley, the owner, is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalist and Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.


David Foley MNIMH, MRCHM Medical Herbalist

David Foley is an Irish Medical Herbalist, trained in both Western and Chinese herbal medicine. He has been involved with herbs for over 30 years.

He is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, a regular visiting teacher for the CNM College of Naturopathy in Dublin and has lectured on the herbal Medicine part of the course for a number of years.
He also teaches Chinese Herbal Medicine to Western Herbalists in Letterkenny.

He runs a busy practice in both Letterkenny at The Natural way and Derry for the last 20 years.


From Nature Health Store – Natural Health Products Online

From Nature Health Store is our Online Natural Health Shop selling a wide range of natural and alternative remedies, natural supplements, natural body care products and homeopathic remedies.

Our online business is based on supplements, beauty products, herbal products and homeopathic remedies with a range up to 1000 products.

Supplements help us overcome a vast array of nutritional deficiencies. We need all the nutrients in their proper amount for optimum health.
Since our diets usually don’t cover all these, nutritional supplements are a must as they can boost our immune system, making us stronger and more resistant to disease.
Nutritional supplements are also useful in eliminating toxins which can lead to serious health problems.
At From Nature Online Health Store you can find a large range of nutritional supplements which help you have the optimum health and minimize the risk of diseases.

Vitamins for example, they are essential for life. Without vitamins, many enzymes would no be able to work so normal bodily processes would simply not occur.
Like Vitamins, Minerals are essential for optimum health. The body cannot make minerals so we must get them from food.
Antioxidants are substances made in the body and present in foods, which protect against the free radicals. It is important to eat a wide variety of foods containing antioxidants and antioxidant co-factors and to take a supplement daily.
Digestive aid supplements may help a healthy digestion.
Supplementing the diet daily with probiotics is the best option for optimal good health.
Amino acids are known as the ‘building blocks of protein’. Protein is essential for life. It is found in our body`s cells and is needed to make up the structure and function of these cells.
Homeopathy is a gentle, yet effective system of medicine. It uses naturally occurring substances in the form of remedies to stimulate the body’s healing power. The results can be long lasting.
The best thing is that homeopathic remedies are suitable for everyone of all ages.

The Natural Skincare line at From Nature Health Store consists of a vast number of different products- from anti-aging products to sun-care products, even products designed for babies!
Our Bodycare products keep your skin healthy and looking radiant, without harmful chemicals which affect the immune system.
From Nature provides safe and natural herbal body care products free from petro-chemicals, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates and phthalate keeping your first defence protected and nourished in the most natural way.

Visit From Nature Health Store for the best priced and quality herbal and natural products in Ireland.

Natural Health Store online selling Top Quality Brands.
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