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Acne is the most common of all skin problems. It is an inflammatory sebaceous skin disease with pustules, papules and cysts found frequently in adolescents at commencement of puberty when the sebaceous glands become more active.

Birthmarks, Moles and Liver Spots

For centuries, birthmarks have either been enhanced and glorified as a sign of beauty or covered up as an unsightly blemish. Technically, birthmarks are called Nevi, and appear as simple brown spots on the skin. They have innumerable variations, appearing alone or grouped together in various sizes and shades, the name ‘birthmark’ means a mark present since birth, but this is not always so; some birthmarks appear later.

Stomach Pain

The stomach is the organ which prepares food to be absorbed in the intestinal tract. Strong muscles ensure proper mixing of food particles, while stomach acid catalyzes other enzymatic reactions to break down food. The stomach is also a holding bay, passing food on to the intestinal tract when it is ready to assimilate it. Stomach problems can cause sharp and knife like pains, burning, or cramping, belching, nausea and loss of appetite.

Looking After Your Mind

Looking after your mind is the the key to a happy life. Can we maintain a healthy, balanced mind through diet? Of course, but it’s becoming harder than ever to get the right nutrients from our western diet! In January 2006 a report from the Mental Health Foundation said that the modern western diet is horrendously depleted in essential fats, vitamins and minerals, and food production methods have altered the balance of nutrients in our […]

New Years Detox

The New Year is here again. Time to think of where we are, and how we would like to change our life. A great way to start the year is with a Detox.

Positive Mental Attitude

With Christmas just a few days away and the holidays starting for most people – it may be a good time to reflect on the past year in one’s life and look forward to the New Year. Reflection is very necessary today in the rushed world we live in.

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