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Is it good for you? In most of the conditions I have written about, I nearly always advise against excess sugar consumption. Of all the foods consumed today, refined sugar is considered one of the most harmful.


Autism is a condition that begins in childhood, resulting in a behavioral disorder that lasts a lifetime. It is psychologically demanding on the parents because the child isolates him or herself from the rest of society, desiring to live in a world of his or her own. Often the child will not speak, or only restrictively so. This behavior is accompanied by repetitive movements, such as head banging or rocking. Ritualistic behavior and strong resistance […]

Looking After Your Mind

Looking after your mind is the the key to a happy life. Can we maintain a healthy, balanced mind through diet? Of course, but it’s becoming harder than ever to get the right nutrients from our western diet! In January 2006 a report from the Mental Health Foundation said that the modern western diet is horrendously depleted in essential fats, vitamins and minerals, and food production methods have altered the balance of nutrients in our […]

Positive Mental Attitude

With Christmas just a few days away and the holidays starting for most people – it may be a good time to reflect on the past year in one’s life and look forward to the New Year. Reflection is very necessary today in the rushed world we live in.