One of the body’s natural means of staying healthy is its ability to detoxify itself.
The body maintains a balance through elimination and neutralization of the body toxins in order to maintain health. As living beings, we cannot escape toxins.
Body toxins can be divided into two types – ones created by the body itself and ones which result from accumulation of chemical and heavy metal environmental pollutants. Both may in turn predispose an individual to infection, especially viral, fungal and parasitic infections.
The organs of detoxification are the liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs and the skin. Avoiding harmful substances – such as junk food, drugs and smoke – as well as supporting the organs in their detoxifying action is vital in maintaining and restoring health. Sufficient fluid intake supports the eliminating function of the kidney, the bowels and the skin. We often forget the skin’s function as a detoxifying organ; yet many therapies rest on its ability to do so, including saunas, which promote sweating.

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