Cherry Active  Montmorency Cherry Concentrate 946ml

Cherry Active Montmorency Cherry Concentrate 946ml



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Thousands of people are now discovering the healing power of Montmorency cherries through a simple daily regime of a glass of Cherry Active Cherry Juice.

Cherry Active Concentrate is chosen by health-conscious and active consumers that appreciate the benefits of premium quality nutrition.

Montmorency Cherries have been discovered to be a rich source of potent, natural antioxidants and flavonoids.

Impressive, ongoing scientific research is unveiling the powerful, health-promoting qualities of montmorency cherry compounds.
These compounds have not only been found to help reduce inflammation, but also have the ability to destroy harmful compounds in the body called free radicals, which are though to play a significant role in a host of degenerative diseases.

Ingredients : JUICE: Each 946ml bottle of Cherry Active cherry juice concentrate contains the juice of around 3,000 individual Montmorency tart cherries!

Cherry Active Montmorency Cherry Concentrate contains no preservatives.Each bottle contains 946ml of concentrate ( 31 servings).

CherryActive recommends a 1 part concentrate to 7 parts water mixture.
One serving of Cherry Active Concentrate (30ml) provides one of your Five-A-Day portions of fruit and veg, as recommended by health professionals.

Health Warnings: Cherry Active’s cherry juice concentrate should be kept, opened or unopened, in the fridge or freezer.