Dr. Hauschka Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive

Dr. Hauschka Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive (10x1ml)

Dr Hauschka


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Product Description

Advanced care for sensitive skin.

Dr Hauschka Rhytmic Conditioner Sensitive formula is suitable for sensitive, inflamed skin.

Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive is specially formulated to care for sensitive, red or irritated skin and skin prone to couperose.

Strengthens and calms skin.

Rhythmitised dilutions of gemstones pearl, artemesia and malachite have a cooling effect on skin, reducing the appearance of redness, couperose, rosacea and enlarged capillaries.

Chamomile and rose hip soothe inflamed skin.
Malachite is used to encourage the circulation in congested capillaries thus reducing redness.

Apply 1-2 ampules in the evening after cleansing.
Press into the skin including face, lips and neck.
Recommended use: Nightly for a few days or a few months until skin improves.