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Floradix IntestCare Liquid Herbal Formula 250ml



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Product Description

Floradix IntestCare is a fruity tasting supplement which may help to maintain intestinal and digestive health.The intestines play a key role in our digestion and also in our bodys defence systems.

IntestCare Liquid Herbal Formula provides vital nutrients to support the intestines including:- Plant extracts which have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
– Tumeric is well known as a spice which gives curry the yellow colour. It contains cucurmin which helps maintain a healthy gut.
– Apple-plum-extract: its fibres stimulate digestion the natural way. In addition apples and plums contain helpful antioxidants.
– Magnesium is a mineral which supports digestion as it binds the water in the stool which helps to excrete undesirable substances.

Directions Adults:
Take one measuring capful (20ml) once daily before a meal. The indicated recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Shake bottle before use. Not suitable for children.

Serving Amount Per 20g serving
Energy: 83kj/20kcalProtein: