Floradix Kindervital Liquid Calcium & Vitamin Formula 250ml

Floradix Kindervital Liquid Calcium & Vitamin Formula 250ml



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Product Description

Rich in vitamins A,B, C, D and E and highly absorbable Calcium; free from gluten, no chemical preservatives.

Floradix Kindervital Formula is a food supplement for children which provides vital calcium and nine vitamins.
– Calcium is very important for building strong bones and teeth as well as proper functioning of musclers and nerves.
– Floradix Kindervital also safeguards vitamin D intake (particularly when sunshine is restricted) whcih is required for Calcium absorption.

Floradix Kindervital Liquid Calcium and Vitamin Formula provides B vitamins and vitamins C,A and E too, making it an ideal multi-vitamin supplement to help maintain all-round health and vitality in children whose diet may be deficient in some of the goodness they need.

Kindervital Formula is free from alcohol and synthetic additives, preservatives and colorings.
It is also free from gluten, dairy, lactose and nuts.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Children 3 years and older: 10ml (one half measuring capful) twice daily, preferably before meals. Always read carefully the detailed instructions and precautions which come with the product.