Jan de Vries Child Essence

Jan de Vries Child Essence 30ml

Jan de Vries


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Product Description

Jan de Vries Child Essence may help to maintain a feeling of calm and restfulness and a sense of physical wellbeing.

The benefit of this emotional support is frequently seen on a physical level as with all of the essences.

Essences should be taken until symptoms subside and there is no reason not to take the essence long term if this seems necessary.

Negative indications: Irritable, fracious, attention seeking, overactive, disruptive, impressionable, under confident, tantrums, squabbling, adjusting to life changes e.g. home/school.

Positive transformations: Stable, relaxed, steady, centred and still, patient, well adjusted, confident.

Ingredients Jan de Vries Child Essence: Tinctures of the flowers of cherry plum, chamomile, pink cherry, larch, mimulus, walnut, chicory, bluebells, vervain and impatiens in equal amounts.

2-6 years: 3 drops in a little water 3 times daily.
7-14 years: 5 drops in a little water 3 times daily.