Jan de Vries Emergency Essence

Jan de Vries Emergency Essence 30ml

Jan de Vries


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Product Description

Jan de Vries Emergency Flower Essence may help maintain equilibrium of mood and mind and it may be used in acute situations such as emotional upsets.

Emergency essence can be taken in water or any other drink, or placed directly under the tongue.

Negative indications include: Crisis, fears, bereavement, anguish, dizziness, extreme tension, pent up, tantrums, distress, accidents, challenging situations, e.g interviews, dentist, exams, travel, public speaking etc.

Positive transformations are: Peace, serenity, courage, alertness, supported, comforted, reassured, eased, settled.

Ingredients Jan de Vries Emergency Essence: Tinctures of the flowers of cherry plum, sweet chestnut, clematis, yarrow, red clover, orange hawkweed, rock rose, star of bethlehem, bluebells and impatiens in equal amounts.

Generally: 5 drops Emergency Essence directly on the tongue, or in a little water.
Repeat every 10 minutes if necessary. Maintenance: 5 drops in a little water 3 times daily for up to 1 week.
Children: For children from 2-7 years use 3 drops.

Health Warnings: If pregnant or breastfeeding please seek professional advice before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.