Jan de Vries Male Essence

Jan de Vries Male Essence 30ml

Jan de Vries


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Jan de Vries is a combination of essences designed for men which may help maintain a feeling of emotional wellbeing in males.

Simply review the negative traits below and see if these are applicable to either yourself or a loved one and if so this remedy may be the one!
All of the flower essences can be easily taken alongside supplements and medication and have no contraindications.

Male Essence is especially designed to provide emotional and mental support.

Negative indications: Over responsible, worried, wound up, pressured, serious, overbearing, needy, dominating, indifferent, intense, overly intellectual, egotistical, intolerant, feelings of inadequacy.

Positive transformation: Confident, sensitive, sympathetic, warm, humorous, patient, relaxed, respectful, improved self image.

Ingredients Jan de Vries Male Essence: Tinctures of the flowers of elm, zinnia, nastutium, dandelion, sunflower, mimulus, vine, chicory, vervain, and horse chestnut leaf bud in equal amounts.

Directions: Generally: 5 drops Male Essence in a little water 3 times daily.
If stressed: Use up to 6 times daily.

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