Jan de Vries Mood Essence

Jan de Vries Mood Essence 30ml

Jan de Vries


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Product Description

Jan de Vries Mood Essence may give support when it is difficult to stay positive and it helps maintain feelings of lightness and optimism.

Try taking mood essence with emergency essence initially in a stressful and depressing situation until one or both symptoms lift.

It supports the emotions when stressful circumstances have caused mild depression or dejection.

Negative indications of requiring this essence include: Despairing, resigned, unhappy, isolated, ups and downs, despondent, negative, pessimistic, over-serious, resentful, sad.

Positive transformations: Uplifted, lighthearted, optimistic, cheerful, centred, playful, joyful, enthusiastic, comforted.

Ingredients Jan de Vries Mood Essence: Tinctures of the flowers of cherry plum, sweet chestnut, wild rose, zinnia, willow, gorse, mustard, scleranthus, bluebells and gentian in equal quantities.

Directions: 5 drops Mood Essence in a little water daily until the bottle is finished.