Jan de Vries Night Essence

Jan de Vries Night Essence 30ml

Jan de Vries


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Product Description

Jan de Vries Night Essence is a combination of essences which may help maintain feelings of mental calm and relaxation at bedtime.

It can reduce emotional turmoil that can interrupt healthy sleep patterns.

Negative indications: Tense, anxious, restless, wound up, mental chatter, worried, over-sensitive, over-tired, wakeful, fears, overactive.

Positive transformations: Relaxed, rested, renewed, untroubled, centered, refreshed, protected.

Ingredients Jan de Vries Night Essence: Tinctures of the flowers of white chestnut, chamomile, yarrow, aspen, walnut, rock rose, agrimony, bluebells, morning glory and vervain in equal amounts.

Generally: 5 drops Night Essence in a little water 3 times daily.
May be taken up to 3 more times during the night.
Maintenance: 5 drops in a little water in the evening.
Children: For children from 2-7 years use 3 drops.