Lifeplan Magnesium (30 Tablets)

Lifeplan Magnesium (30 Tablets)



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Product Description

This Lifeplan Magnesium formulation combines magnesium with vitamins and other minerals.

Magnesium deficiency can severely impair hormone balance in women.

Lifeplan Magnesium Tablets are a special formulation of important minerals and vitamins, suitable for use by women of all ages.
Magnesium and Calcium both contribute to the normal muscle function and energy production, as well as helping to maintain healthy bones and teeth.
Calcium contributes to normal blood-clotting and plays a role in normal function of digestive enzymes.
Magnesium and Vitamin B6 contribute to the normal function of the nervous system.
Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc all play a role in the process of cell division.
Zinc contributes to healthy fertility and reproduction.

– Skeletal health and calcium regulation
– muscular health and function
– Energy production, glucose metabolism and enzyme function
– Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health and function
– Nerve health and function
– Hormonal health

Directions: As a food supplement, take 1 tablet daily.

Lifeplan Magnesium Contains No added salt, lactose, yeasts, flavourings, colourings.
It is suitable for vegetarians.