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Product Description

Lifeplan Zinc 10mg – Elemental Zinc From Zinc Gluconate.

– Zinc is a component of 300 enzymes and proteins in the body and is involved in cell division, fertility, vision, growth and repair and protein synthesis.
– Blood sugar Balance – Glucose metabolism and general blood sugar balance is dependent on adequate zinc status. Among other relevant functions, Zinc is needed i order for insulin to be manufactured and secreted by the pancreas.
– Studies also suggest it has an antioxidant role and therefore it may help to maintain a healthy immune system.
– As good sources of zinc are generally in animal foods, such as organ meats and seafood, many people may need to take a zinc supplement to safeguard against low intakes.
– Male reproductive hormone influence
– Mental health and function
– Zinc is necessary for proper growth and development of the foethus, and appears to play am important part in maintaining biochemical and physiological health and stability in the pregnant woman.
– Zinc is an antioxidant which helps to protect the cells from oxidative damage. It is also involved in immune, thyroid, cardiovascular, hormonal, eye and bone health.

As a food supplement, take 1 tablet Lifeplan Zinc daily with food.

Lifeplan Zinc 10mg Contains No added sugar, salt, starch, sucrose, gluten, live yeasts, artificial colours or animal derivatives.