Nelsons Teetha – Teething Granules

Nelsons Teetha – Teething Granules (24 Sachets)



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Nelsons Teetha is a ready-dosed, sugar-free powder that simply dissolves in your baby`s mouth to quickly ease the pain of teething.

It contains 6c homeopathic potency of gentle Chamomilla, so it works with the whole body to soothe; calming your baby, as well as relieving discomfort.

Teetha Teething Granules is a homeopathic remedy specially formulated for the soothing and calming relief of the symptoms of teething, calming the baby.It is suitable at any age.

Teetha comes in an easy to administer granule form.

Ingredients Nelsons Teetha Tablets: contains 6c homeopathic potency of Chamomilla. Also contains lactose.

Directions: Empty the contents of one sachet into your child’s mouth every two hours for up to six doses.