Otosan  Natural Ear Drops 10ml

Otosan Natural Ear Drops 10ml



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A natural softener facilitating the removal of hardened earwax.

It helps to remove excessive earwax, soothes skin rashes and redness, cleanses the ear canal and relieves dry skin, promoting the well-being of the ear.

Otosan Ear Drops with essential oils from organically grown plants, Propolis and Blackurrant, renowned for their efficacious soothing, cleansing and protective properties.

A few drops of OTOSAN NATURAL EAR DROPS regularly applied, prevent an excessive formation of ear-wax and assure the ear a correct preventive hygiene.

This product is ideal for improving ear care in children, adults and wearers of hearing prosthesis as they do not dry up the skin and respect the natural sebaceous physiological balance.

Directions for Use: Bend your head and pour 3-5 drops of Otosan Ear Drops into the ear. Pay attention not to insert the dropping bottle into the ear. Allow the drops to act for at least 15-20 minutes by holding your head bent or by putting some cotton wool within the ear. Then gently clean the auricle. It is advised to treat both ears a time.
Treatment Once a week to prevent earwax accumulation. Twice per day for 3-4 days to treat wax-plugs.

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