Salus Celery Juice

Salus Celery Juice 200ml



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Product Description

Salus Celery Juice is Organic, 100% pure fresh plant juice.

Salus Celery Juice may help support blood cleansing.

The leaves and stem of the fresh celery plant are presses to obtain celery juice, this is because nutrients are contained in all parts of the plant.

Celery juice contains calcium iron, phosphorous, potassium, pure water, vitamins a and b together with alkaline ash, chloride minerals and chlorophyll.

Celery has several different effects on the body but primarily it gently stimulates the digestive system and also has a mild diuretic effect to support detoxification.

Directions: Take 20ml of the Celery Juice twice daily before meals.

Salus Celery Contains No Gluten, lactose, additives, alcohol.

Salus Celery Juice is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.