Salus Thyme Juice

Salus Thyme Juice 200ml



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Product Description

Salus Thyme is an Organic, 100& Pure Fresh Plant Juice.

Salus Thyme may help support the respiratory system.

Thyme juice is obtained from pressings of the herb.

Thyme juice is an aromatic substance with a distinctive aroma and flavor.

It contains complex plant substances including the essential oils thymol and carvacol together with bitters, saponins and tannins.
These active principles exert a significant soothing, expectorant and mild antiseptics effect on the respiratory tract.

Traditionally Thyme Juice has been used to soothe dry throats, refresh the oral cavity thus helping to keep the breath fresh, to help stimulate the expectoration of respiratory tract mucous and to soothe paroxysmal coughing.

Directions: Take 10ml Salus Thyme Juice 3 times daily.