Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Oil 170ml

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Product Description

Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Oil is a traditional remedy for the relief of joint pains and stiffness.
Also used in the treatment of combined A, D and E deficiencies.
2300mg of Omega-3 with essential Vitamins A, D, E.

HEALTH BENEFITS of Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil:
Vitamin A helps maintain normal skin.
Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and muscles and supports a normal immune system.
Vitamin E helps protect cells against oxidative damage.
Seven seas cod liver oil is a rich natural source of Omega-3 that includes nutrients EPA and DHA which make an important contribution to good health.

Omega-3 helps maintain normal vision and brain function and supports normal heart function.

Recommended Dose:
10ml Pure Cod Liver Oil Daily.