LogoSancoInternet_IE_A-300The Common Logo was introduced by the Falsified Medicines Directive to fight against falsified medicines1. In order to sell non-prescription medicines2over the internet, all websites in the EU must display the Common Logo and be entered in the Internet Supply List of the country from where the website is operated.

If selling medicines via the internet in Ireland you must be authorised by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) to be included in the Internet Supply List and to display the Common Logo.

The website selling the non-prescription medicines must contain the following:

  1. Contact details for the PSI: i.e. Telephone: 01 218 4000,
  2. Address: PSI House, Fenian Street, Dublin
  3. Email Address: internetsupply@psi.ie
  4. A link to the PSI websitewww.psi.ie
  1. A a record of each transaction will be retained for 2 years by From Nature Health Store, as diretced by the PSI.